Don’t Let Damp Ruin Your Property

Identifying the Source of the Damp in Your Property

When you suspect that damp is present in your property, the first step to take is to call our team to complete a damp survey. Based in Beckenham, Kent, our team of damp proofing specialists use their extensive knowledge and expertise to survey properties and determine and apply the most effective damp solutions.

Survey Options

The team at Apollo Damp Proofing Ltd have extensive training in damp surveying and are able to swiftly detect damp issues and provide the most effective solution. To provide as much information as possible, we are happy to deliver full findings reports upon request. Alternatively, we can give you the basic information and overview as well as a quotation for the remedial work. Please note that a full findings report will be chargeable whereas a survey and quote is free of charge.

The Contents of the Survey

In order to carry out the survey, the surveyor will need to be able to move freely around your property and gain access to all interior walls, where possible. This is because they must check for dampness within the walls. If you have a basement, this will also need to be investigated, as the source of damp often comes from below. No intrusive works will be carried out during the survey, although we may occasionally need to move some furniture to access walls. If you do not require a full findings report, all of the results can be detailed to you during the survey, if you are present.

Meter Readings

As part of the survey, we will take meter readings from the airspace to determine the relative humidity levels of the property. This is to ensure that condensation is not being misinterpreted as damp.

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